Marketing Services
for our Retail Partners

Generating awareness for your jewelry store online and in-store advertising is challenging, especially in today's economy. With the average age of a bridal customer in their late twenties, the battle for share of mind and wallet begins on the internet! Ensuring your store(s) has an online presence to not only sell online, but drive traffic in-store, should be a critical part of your marketing plan.

In addition to WR Cobb Online's core services such as E-Commerce, Diamond Configurator/Diamond Memo program and Promesa's Inventory Management progams, we also offer a full suite of marketing services. Creating an effective online presence is challenging and expensive; however, we have practical solutions for every budget that will certainly give you an outstanding return on your investment. Our marketing services include:

Branding and Visual Identity • Website Design • Mobile Sites
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Online Banner Ads)
Managed Social Media Programs (Facebook, Twtter, Pinterest) • Email Markeitng
• Print Marketing
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By utilizing our marketing services, you can expect to:

Don't let your website—and the face of your company—be an afterthought.

WEBSITE DESIGN An effective website is the hub of all your online marketing and lead generation. Show off your brand, inventory and competitive prices 24/7.

CLEAR BRANDING/IDENTITY Get a fresh look that represents the essence of your company and resonates with your target audience. More than a logo, your brand speaks to your overall image and the impressions of your clients.

MOBILE Purchases made on mobile devices amounted to $6.7 billion in the U.S. last year. Your customers have the web in their back pocket and if your site isn't mobile friendly, then shoppers will simply go elsewhere. Get the competitive edge by allowing your customers to view with ease and get a higher ranking in mobile searches.

Attract in-store and online customers with the best web presence possible.
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Capture the attention of new buyers online.

Everyone's into INSTANT GRATIFICATION! With a strategic web design and a clear identity, you will generate more traffic to your site, but you can optimize your ranking through search engine optimization or paid advertisement. Increasing traffic to your website can increase opportunities for visitors to turn into leads.

SEO - Be Found. Don't get lost in the sea of search results. Identify keywords, optimize your website for those keywords, routinely create keyword-targeted content, and build quality links to your website.
Social Media - Be Social. About 2/3 of the US internet users regularly use a social networking site. Don't miss out on the conversation—expand your presence on the web with social networking.

Google PPC - Be Relevant. Create a winning online advertisement campaign by targeting keywords to affect where they appear. Generate leads by only paying when someone clicks on your ad.
Facebook PPC - Be Connected. Grow your following with sponsored stories and ads on Facebook.

Generate immediate interest and sales for your store(s).
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The easiest customer to win is a customer you already sold to.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to sell. Not only your product or service, but your identity as well.

Facebook - Connecting.
Facebook is the cornerstone of your social media strategy. Interact with loyal customers and even sell your products there!
Twitter - Sharing.
Twitter is an effective way to keep your customers updated with new products or special offers. Listen to customers and competitors to spot new trends!
Pinterest - Displaying.
Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.

E-MAIL MARKETING E-mails may strike you as old-fashioned, but they still prove to be an effective marketing tool. With strong content and an exchange of valuable information, you can deepen your relationship with your audience.

PRINT ADVERTISING Print is still a powerful and necessary tool for jewelers, but it must be done in a way that is effective and convincing to your customers.

Everything includes Analytics & Reporting, Content Strategy & Development, and Display Media.

Attract in-store and online customers with the best web presence possible.
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