Capture the Attention and Lite the Way for Potential Buyers

Your customers want to take pictures of product to share with their friends and family. You want to capture their contact information to build a relationship. WR Cobb now has a solution that lets you do both, easily and interactively.

Let’s face it, it’s literally impossible to take good photos of jewelry with a smartphone, let alone in a store with overhead lighting and glass reflections. WR Cobb’s LearLite System is a new one-of-a-kind tool that gives shoppers the ability to take clear, crisp macro photos of jewelry—right on their own hand—to send to their email.

With LearLite, you “turn shoppers into customers” by working together to take professionally-lit, store branded close-up macro photos of the jewelry they desire, then entering their contact information so they can receive the photos. You’ll gain potential leads and the ability to make smart, targeted interactions through newsletters, social media, even personal emails and phone calls.


  • Unique in-store experience
  • Store branded, digital photo to ensure the shopper remembers your store
  • Highly qualified and quantifiable consumer data that will lead to more closed sales
  • Personalize your direct marketing to customers around the types of products they really like
  • Wi-Fi portable device
  • 5 Mega Pixel HD Images
  • Contained Photo Environment
  • LED Lighting
  • Loupe Magnification
  • Social Media tie-in $199.00 Setup • $49.00/month Ask about our volume discount for multiple locations

Call 1-800-428-0040 to learn more about LearLite and how WR Cobb Online can help your business.